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UK, Australia, have responsibility in halting Mullaiththeevu structural genocide

[TamilNet, Saturday, 18 February 2017, 01:52 GMT]
Britain and Australia that have sent high-level policy planners to ‘assess’ Keappaa-pulavu in the company of occupying Sinhala military of genocidal Sri Lanka in January 2013, should also take the responsibility in halting the structural genocide of the nation of Eezham Tamils there. Those who ‘advise’ Tamils not to use the word ‘genocide’ but to rally behind ‘development’, and those who equate the on-going Sinhalicisation to the presence of Tamils in the southern parts, should note that despite long presence of Eezham Tamils in the South or 200 years of up-country Tamils brought by the British, no village has officially become a Tamil village in the South. But just in two years time a Tamil village in the North and East could officially become a Sinhala village in nomenclature, administrative records, demography and political power, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics.

In January 2013, Australia has sent a team to Keappaa-pulavu, led by Ms Julie Bishop, the then Deputy Leader of the Opposition, who in the same year later became Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs. She currently holds that office.

A couple of days after Ms Bishop’s survey in January 2013, Britain has sent its Deputy Foreign Minister (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office), Mr Alistair Burt, to Keappaa-pulavu. The Conservative parliamentarian was handling ‘counter-terrorism, counter proliferation’ etc.

The ‘field inspections’ of the two were presented as visits to see the resettlement of the displaced. How the genocidal military handled the Tamil victims during these visits and how the victims shut their doors at the ‘visitors’ were reported earlier.

The actual agenda was materialising a military project of harbour and airfield between Trincomalee and KKS on the east coast of the country of Eezham Tamils, through riding on the genocidal quest of State and military in the island, informed circles said at that time.

This happened before the so-called ‘regime change’ in Colombo. The previous regime was to execute the Vanni genocide and the present regime is to camouflage and facilitate the structural genocide – both ultimately for the realisation of ‘Sri Lanka’ agenda of the powers, at the cost of the nation of Eezham Tamils in the island and Tamils in general in the region. Keappaa-pulavu is just an example showing how agendas have not changed.

With the ‘regime change’ in Washington and anticipated ‘outsourcing’ of the so-called global security, Canberra, New Delhi and London are likely to play invigorated roles in the Indian Ocean region.

The players have to be sternly told by Tamils and other affected nations and peoples in the region to respect the victimised nations, peoples, their territories and their right to self-determination in all future agendas of ‘security’ or whatever that is aimed behind it.

No more setting one nation against the other and riding on genocide, which some policy pundits of the past brag as their ‘carefully prepared world design’ that should not be disturbed now, or justify it as their sole ‘choice’ to hide their bias.

New Delhi, if seeking any ‘fresh dialogue’ with global Tamils, should know that its previous regime applied the same genocide cum structural genocide paradigm.

Immediately after partnering the Vanni genocide, New Delhi sent three of its prominent citizens to the island, thinking that they could camouflage the paradigm to Tamils and to the world.

Romila Thapar came to preach Buddhism and we know how it is interpreted in the island for the monk-and-military structural genocide. Swaminathan came with a farming blueprint for war-torn women in Vanni, and according to his own words he has submitted that to Rajapaksa. Perhaps this is what now implemented in the slave farms run by the genocidal military. Abdul Kalam came to inaugurate ‘three-language’ formula and one could see how it is used: first changing a Tamil village into Sinhala village and then writing the ‘Sinhala village’ name in Tamil.

One cannot fool the victims for a long time.

Unless justice on the fundamentals, or at least avenues of achieving that justice, are solidly shown on the ground theoretically and practically, any global/ regional power, or the BJP-New Delhi now seeking entry into Tamils and Tamil Nadu, wishing to have ‘fresh dialogue’ with Tamils would only be fooling around further.

Tamil politicians, media and NGOs, on whom hitherto unseen huge amounts are now invested just for proving the viability of ‘Sri Lanka’ model, should have the loyalty of telling the truth at least to their investor-masters, if not to the people. The people will sure come to know the truth through their own intelligence and judgment.

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